Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Pill That Makes You More Focused And Smarter?

A Pill That Makes You More Focused And Smarter?

What makes AddieUP so innovative?

AddieUP was formulated to be the most effective focus, attention, energy, concentration, and cognitive enhancement product in the market. We worked with several manufacturers, Doctors, and supplement experts to make AddieUP safe, potent, and effective, using only the finest ingredients. No expense was spared in exhaustively formulating the proper combination of memory enhancing Nootropics and natural based stimulants.

AddieUP's formula has carefully chosen, natural based stimulants which are found in herbs,berries, and chocolate. We added Ginko Biloba, Choline and Huperzine A (classified as Nootropics) which are carefully measured and combined to form a Nootropic combination designed to maximize memory and cognitive function.

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There have been many fly by night imitators which have tried to duplicate our successful formula. These knock-offs either have poorly chosen ingredients that will not give any effect or will be a quick blast of caffeine followed by a crash that can be experienced with energy shots and sugary energy drinks. B vitamins and cheap caffeine are cheap and easy but in our opinion do nothing for the brain.

The dangers and side effects of prescription medications are well known by now, and with our changing health climate, more consumers who need focus and attention support wanted an alternative that WORKED for them. Beware of competitors who use cheap B Vitamins and caffeine and try to market their products with fake testimonials and sales gimmicks. Do your homework, we are well known as having the highest quality formula on the market today.

 Our customers have given AddieUP high praise in online communities and blogs all over the world for one reason-AddieUP WORKS!

AddieUP is one of the most famous nootropic blends.

ADDIEUP can be an effective tool for improving cognitive abilities in some individuals, but like most nootropics is highly individualized.

Does this stuff really work?

This stuff works great! What AddieUp can do for you is amazing! It can give you the same prescription feel of well known alternatives without all the same side effects.
With AddieUp you will be able to focus more and have the energy needed to make it thru the day of work, school, or whatever else you are trying to do and BE YOUR BEST! AddieUp has also been known to curve your appetite so weight loss is common among users.

How to I take you AddieUp?

Ready to be your best??? Best time to take AddieUp is first thing in the morning. Think of this as your morning coffee! Take 1 pill only by mouth. If needed take another pill in early afternoon. Many users say that this lasts longer than 5 hours and that they don’t experience a crash! Best advice is to always keep 1 pill handy just in case you need that extra boost!

Are there and side effects taking your AddieUp?

There are no studies that have been done that link AddieUp to side effects at this time.

Does ADDIEUP Work?

 There are many factors that will influence whether AddieUp works for you. People that maintain a diet consisting primarily of fruits, large volumes of vegetables, healthy fats, and protein will probably consume enough choline that reduces the effects of AddieUp.

For those who are too busy with familial, professional, or educational responsibilities to maintain healthy eating, sleeping, and lifestyle habits, AddieUp is incredibly effective.
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The benefits are manifold, but they come in varying magnitudes and combinations depending on the individual.

Studies on college kids with ADD showed  improved sleep quality and improved attention the next day.

On the memory side, there can be substantial benefits as well. Vegetarians or individuals who have low choline will benefit even more as they may be deficient. Dietary choline is the precursor for acetylcholine, which has a number of functions, but does help memory function as well.

Cost Review ofAddieUp

No matter how good a nootropic is, price is always a main factor. People want something for nothing  For a month’s supply you get a bottle with 60 pills! Use coupon code addie25 and save 25% getting your bottle for 47 bucks!!! Best in the market!  (taking two capsules per day).

1. AddieUp money back guarantee – They are one of the first and only nootropic / supplement companies that provides such a feature. If you try it and find out that it doesn’t work, just return it. It’s a major company with plenty of influential people backing it; they aren’t going out of business anytime soon and they will not scam you. Worst case scenario you try something out and it doesn’t help, but doesn’t cost you anything.