Monday, August 24, 2015

How to Stay Focused at School

Staying focused at school is a challenge even for the best of us. Follow these study tips and stay focused on your goals, and pretty soon you will find that you feel more confident about your education. You'll also still be able to enjoy all the other aspects of student life.

Set Study Goals

Everything important in your life should start with goals. Ask yourself what your end goal is. What is it that you want to achieve? Start with the end in mind. Keeping your primary objective in mind is of utmost importance.

Create a Study Timetable

Once you figure out what your primary goal for studying is, the next step is to prepare a weekly study timetable. Set a routine for everything, even when you take your nootropics for studying. This schedule can include when you should go to sleep, when you eat your meals, and when you should spend time on studying. This doesn't have to be absolute. Leave some flexibility for unexpected events. However, it is helpful to have an outline of how your daily routine will go. Try to stick to your study timetable as much as you can.

It's Okay to Say No

Keep in mind that you don't have to give up ALL of your social life, but you do have to take some bold steps. If you go out to eat every day, it is better to limit this to once or twice per week. This will help you stay more focused and save you money as well. If you go to the movies every weekend, try and cut it down to once every two weeks. If someone asks you to hang out with them at the mall or something during your designated study time, let them know you're busy AND let them find out when would be a better time for you. To sum things up, learn to say no when you know that you really should.

Stay True to Your Priorities

Helping yourself is the big point here. Nobody else is going to stop you from doing what you want. However, every choice you make will have consequences, and you can't control them. If you fail to meet your study goals, you will suffer the consequence of not doing well on a quiz or test. Remember that you are in school for a reason, and if you lose sight of that goal then nothing else is going to fit well into the equation.

A good way to stay focused is to keep a journal with you. Have all your study goals and priorities written in it, and when you have spare time throughout the day, take a look at them. Another idea is to write your goals on a poster for your wall. If you find yourself feeling drained and overwhelmed, try taking AddieUP. It is a nootropic supplement that gives you energy, focus, and memory support! You can use promo code "FOCUS25" for 25% off at 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Nootropic Brain Fog

While the intent of nootropics is help enhance cognitive performance, some users report feeling foggy or fatigued after a period of use. What is brain fog, and can nootropics cause brain fog?
One of the common complaints of both short and long term nootropic users is brain fog. The brain’s energy supply controls its function. Optimally when the brain is working well, there is a sense of feeling clear-headed and sharp. Recalling events of the past, remembering names, and emotional experiences that are easily referenced are some general examples. 

Brain fog is a condition that users of certain nootropics or nootropic stacks report. Here are a few examples of what is meant by the term “brain fog."
  • Difficulty learning new things
  • Problems with concentration
  • Feeling fatigued or drowsy
  • Having trouble coming up with the right word
  • Lack of mental stamina needed to complete tasks
  • Forgetting names of people you have met
  • Long time is taken to come up with the right word in a sentence
  • Recalling something that happened a short period ago

Unreliable Nootropics

So why would anyone want to use a nootropic that inadvertently causes brain fog? After all, isn’t the intent of nootropic use to increase memory and cognitive performance?  Many of the nootropics that have been introduced into the marketplace have not been well understood. While Ginkgo biloba and choline are examples of nootropics that have a well-established track record, the newer nootropics are less understood. IDRA-21 and PRL-8-53 are two prime examples of nootropics that are being added to nootropic stacks. PRL-8-53 side effects and dosage recommendations are not readily obtained. Nootropic stacks with IDRA-21 are out there, but not much reliable information can be found on this nootropic either.

Bacopa is another nootropic that is relatively new nootropic that has recently been questioned.  This nootropic is hard to get much consensus on, both with its effects and how often Bacopa should be taken. Interestingly, some nootropic users that begin brain fog look to nootropics to help combat the fogginess.It may be wiser to turn to stimulants to get beyond brain fog or discontinue the use of the nootropics that are causing the brain fog? The dosage recommendations on bacopa, IRDA-21 and others are also hard to get hard data on. Users are asking in chatrooms and forums how much, and how often on these “new nootropics."

Nootropics That Work

The nootropics that have the best track record are arguably ginkgo and choline. AddieUP has both nootropics in its formula, along with potent stimulants which can combat brain fog and fatigue.
No one wants to feel the effects of brain fog unless they perhaps are trying to sleep or relax. If your goal is to attain focus and increase your cognitive performance, then try AddieUP.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Smart Pills & Brain Pills

Brain pills, also known as smart pills, have become extremely popular in recent years as the subjects of focus and memory became hot topics.

What is in a brain pill? Is there such a thing as a smart pill? 

To begin with, the average smart pill contains at least one nootropic. Nootropics are substances believed to enhance cognitive function, memory, or in somehow enhance the brain. Nootropics can range from the common blueberry to something more advanced from exotic, faraway destinations like Russia. The brain pills that get the most attention can be compared to the movie limitless, in which a person (Bradley Cooper) takes a pill and, to put it mildly, gets a lot more done in one day than anyone ever thought possible.

Do Nootropics Work?

The nootropic substances themselves are somewhat controversial because no one really knows how they might affect the brain long term. Also, their efficacy is difficult to measure. After all, “feelings” themselves are somewhat subjective in nature.

Smart pills are arguably similar to brain pills. If there is a difference it is largely in the marketing of the nootropic brain pills. The brain pills that get the most attention are more focused on how much of a particular nootropic is in the pill. Nootropics must be present in certain quantities or their effect is negligible. Many of the nootropics are made in small quantities and have high price tags with little to no results. These somewhat experimental nootropics are still so new that there long term efficacy is obviously hard to determine. Yet this does not stop many consumers from experimenting with these nootropics in order to gain an edge. Try the nootropic blend that has the best reviews: AddieUP! 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Alpha GPC for Cognitive Function

Alpha GPC, a form of choline, has been proven to help with mental focus, memory, attention support, and cognitive ability. Alpha GPC contributes to the formation of acetylcholine neurotransmitters that are important for memory and cognitive function. 

Alpha GPC is same choline found in human cells and choline-rich breast milk. This nutrient helps with the formation of new brain cells and helps maintain brain plasticity. These are both factors that can help prevent aging of the brain. 

Uses of Alpha GPC

 Alpha GPC may impede the decline in memory as well as help with attention support. There are studies to support the effectiveness of alpha GPC in the preventing of Alzheimer's.There is also evidence that alpha GPC can help with people that have cognitive decline. Alpha GPC may improve memory and attention span. Alpha GPC is a GRAS (generally recognized as safe) ingredient classified by the FDA. This means that alpha GPC is safe to take as a dietary supplement.

Alpha GPC is very concentrated in breast milk, and pregnant or nursing mother’s should not run low on choline. Supplementing the mother with choline during pregnancy and nursing improves the attention function of growing humans. Choline supplementation during pregnancy helps with fetal development. The importance of choline to the formation of memory and attention boosting acetylcholine is well documented. Alpha GPC is a preferred type of choline supplementation. It is supported by science in young and old. It is a nutrient that boosts cognitive performance and offsets age-related cognitive decline. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Energy Pill + Smart Pill = AddieUP

Energy pills have been around for decades in one form or another. Energy pills are used for various reasons. People use them for things like studying, endurance or staying up for long periods of time. Whatever the reason of use, energy pills have always been important. The majority of the fan base for energy pills is made up of pilots, students, and professionals. 

Energy Drinks

As time went on, the use of energy pills started to evolve into the use of energy drinks. While many of the drinks were strong, people would quickly build up a tolerance, which forced them to have to drink many drinks in order to feel any effect. Another big issue with the first energy drinks was the taste. If you ever had one when they were first becoming popular, you probably remember how terrible they tasted. This led to companies loading the drinks with sugar and chemicals to mask the bad taste. The alarming amount of sugar and chemicals in drinks has led to soaring obesity levels and health problems including diabetes. Energy drinks are the nightmare of the health conscious society.

Smart Pills

Brain Pills are a more modern phenomena, but the quest for a “smart pill” or cognitive enhancement in the form of brain pills or smart drugs have been going on for a long while. The rise in the use of nootropics has gained considerable attention ever since a link was established between food sources and increased cognitive activity. It could even be argued that the first nootropic was coffee or a plant like the common blueberry. Many nootropics are derivatives of a plant. As nootropic use evolved, so did the nootropics themselves. A few of the more established nootropics like ginkgo Biloba started getting some solid science and backing from research. While ginkgo Biloba had long been championed by the neuroscientific community, studies that showed positive correlations between their use and brain function got them even bigger attention from the outside world. This led to new phrases like “smart drug”, “brain pill” or "smart pill”. Brain pills and smart pills soon became the common names for nootropics and nootropic stacks. In the last 5 years, the growth of interest in nootropics has been spectacular. Professionals, students, researchers and scientists pushed the envelope for the use of the pills to assist in various forms of brain function and performance.

Combining Energy and Brain Supplements

The most progressive brain pills, like addieUP, realized that there was a need to have both stimulants (which are essential in energy pills) and nootropics to create the ultimate focus pill. After all, it is extremely difficult to focus if you are fatigued. And what is the use of having more energy if you aren't able to focus? AddieUP was among the first to combine stimulants and carefully chosen nootropics to give its users focus, attention support, memory enhancement and, of course, energy. To try some addieUP today, click here.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Why Successful People are Using Nootropics for Focus

Nootropics, also known as smart drugs or cognitive enhancers, are natural compounds that improve brain function. Recently nootropics have been growing in popularity, and usage has gone up especially for people like the entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley.

The movie "Limitless" brought nootropics into the mainstream, but unfortunately, no pill works THAT efficiently. However, nootropics can help you to reach a higher level of performance, which gives you a boost in this competitive world.

Uses of Nootropics

Almost everyone has used a substance to attempt to improve cognitive function at some point in their life. Coffee and energy drinks are widely used today. Using nootropics is pretty much the same idea as far as goals and purposes go.

Many nootropics are herbs and plants which have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Here are some of the benefits that nootropic use aims for:

  • Memory Support- Students seek for this benefit the most as they prepare for rigorous testing. Choline is one of the most common memory enhancing nootropics
  • Focus- Caffeine is a nootropic that improves focus. However, the better nootropic supplements will use a purer form than is used by energy drink companies.
  • Mood- Some nootropics enhance the mood by increasing chemicals that trigger happiness and decreasing chemicals that cause anxiety.
  • Energy- Beating fatigue is a goal of some energy and motivation nootropics. 
  • Creativity- Creativity and reasoning skills are important in many situations, and some nootropics aim to address that.

Get Started the Right Way

Now that you have a little bit better of an understanding of nootropics and why high-performing people around the world use them to get ahead of the competition, it is important to get started the right way. First of all, nootropics are not a substitute for getting enough sleep, eating right and exercise (all of which give you many cognitive advantages). 

Also, don't just buy all the nootropics you have heard of individually and take them all at once. AddieUP is a heavily researched nootropic stack that has been formulated to give you the best benefits possible. AddieUP continues to receive phenomenal reviews and testimonials from customers, bloggers, doctors, students, and professionals. AddieUP delivers Energy and Focus with attention support. This is by far the easiest way to get started with nootropics.

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Eight Nutrients That Keep Your Brain Sharp

According to an AARP study last year, the brain is the second most important component in the body to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  It's important to keep our mind sharp, especially in this fast-paced day and age where it is so easy for our brains to get bogged down.

Eight Nutrients That Are Perfect Brain Fuel

Cocoa Flavanols can support improvement in circulation and heart health. They also may help with the function of the dentate gyrus, which deals with age-related memory. There's an excuse for you to eat some dark chocolate.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids play a role in positive heart health as well as in cognitive health. Naturally, you might feel inclined to stay away from anything that has "fatty" or "acid" in the name, but this nutrient will support recognition memory.

Phosphatidylserine and Phosphatidic Acid are both shown to support mood, memory, and cognitive function when combined. 

Walnuts reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease. They also have been shown to delay the onset and slow progression of the disease.

Citicoline helps develop brain tissue that regulates memory and cognitive function. It also enhances communication between neurons. This was difficult to find in natural foods, so look for it in supplements.

Choline is associated with liver health as well as aiding the communication systems for cells in the brain and body. It also prevents unwanted changes in brain chemistry. See the choline supplements guide here.

Magnesium is recommended for people with brain injuries or concussions. It can be found in many food sources like avocados, bananas, and dark chocolate.

Blueberries are high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects. This is good for increasing neural signaling in the brain centers.

How to Best Supplement Your Diet

The nutrients mentioned before are just a handful of nutrients that can benefit your brain! If you're looking for a way to get a lot of brain-boosting nutrients in one supplement, you need to try AddieUp. It has the perfect blend of nootropics and other ingredients to give you a boost of energy, focus and memory support! It even covers some of the ingredients on the list above including choline and magnesium. Other ingredients in AddieUp are rich in antioxidants or are potent nootropics.