Monday, July 27, 2015

Smart Pills & Brain Pills

Brain pills, also known as smart pills, have become extremely popular in recent years as the subjects of focus and memory became hot topics.

What is in a brain pill? Is there such a thing as a smart pill? 

To begin with, the average smart pill contains at least one nootropic. Nootropics are substances believed to enhance cognitive function, memory, or in somehow enhance the brain. Nootropics can range from the common blueberry to something more advanced from exotic, faraway destinations like Russia. The brain pills that get the most attention can be compared to the movie limitless, in which a person (Bradley Cooper) takes a pill and, to put it mildly, gets a lot more done in one day than anyone ever thought possible.

Do Nootropics Work?

The nootropic substances themselves are somewhat controversial because no one really knows how they might affect the brain long term. Also, their efficacy is difficult to measure. After all, “feelings” themselves are somewhat subjective in nature.

Smart pills are arguably similar to brain pills. If there is a difference it is largely in the marketing of the nootropic brain pills. The brain pills that get the most attention are more focused on how much of a particular nootropic is in the pill. Nootropics must be present in certain quantities or their effect is negligible. Many of the nootropics are made in small quantities and have high price tags with little to no results. These somewhat experimental nootropics are still so new that there long term efficacy is obviously hard to determine. Yet this does not stop many consumers from experimenting with these nootropics in order to gain an edge. Try the nootropic blend that has the best reviews: AddieUP!