Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Nootropic Brain Fog

While the intent of nootropics is help enhance cognitive performance, some users report feeling foggy or fatigued after a period of use. What is brain fog, and can nootropics cause brain fog?
One of the common complaints of both short and long term nootropic users is brain fog. The brain’s energy supply controls its function. Optimally when the brain is working well, there is a sense of feeling clear-headed and sharp. Recalling events of the past, remembering names, and emotional experiences that are easily referenced are some general examples. 

Brain fog is a condition that users of certain nootropics or nootropic stacks report. Here are a few examples of what is meant by the term “brain fog."
  • Difficulty learning new things
  • Problems with concentration
  • Feeling fatigued or drowsy
  • Having trouble coming up with the right word
  • Lack of mental stamina needed to complete tasks
  • Forgetting names of people you have met
  • Long time is taken to come up with the right word in a sentence
  • Recalling something that happened a short period ago

Unreliable Nootropics

So why would anyone want to use a nootropic that inadvertently causes brain fog? After all, isn’t the intent of nootropic use to increase memory and cognitive performance?  Many of the nootropics that have been introduced into the marketplace have not been well understood. While Ginkgo biloba and choline are examples of nootropics that have a well-established track record, the newer nootropics are less understood. IDRA-21 and PRL-8-53 are two prime examples of nootropics that are being added to nootropic stacks. PRL-8-53 side effects and dosage recommendations are not readily obtained. Nootropic stacks with IDRA-21 are out there, but not much reliable information can be found on this nootropic either.

Bacopa is another nootropic that is relatively new nootropic that has recently been questioned.  This nootropic is hard to get much consensus on, both with its effects and how often Bacopa should be taken. Interestingly, some nootropic users that begin brain fog look to nootropics to help combat the fogginess.It may be wiser to turn to stimulants to get beyond brain fog or discontinue the use of the nootropics that are causing the brain fog? The dosage recommendations on bacopa, IRDA-21 and others are also hard to get hard data on. Users are asking in chatrooms and forums how much, and how often on these “new nootropics."

Nootropics That Work

The nootropics that have the best track record are arguably ginkgo and choline. AddieUP has both nootropics in its formula, along with potent stimulants which can combat brain fog and fatigue.
No one wants to feel the effects of brain fog unless they perhaps are trying to sleep or relax. If your goal is to attain focus and increase your cognitive performance, then try AddieUP.