Monday, June 29, 2015

Energy Pill + Smart Pill = AddieUP

Energy pills have been around for decades in one form or another. Energy pills are used for various reasons. People use them for things like studying, endurance or staying up for long periods of time. Whatever the reason of use, energy pills have always been important. The majority of the fan base for energy pills is made up of pilots, students, and professionals. 

Energy Drinks

As time went on, the use of energy pills started to evolve into the use of energy drinks. While many of the drinks were strong, people would quickly build up a tolerance, which forced them to have to drink many drinks in order to feel any effect. Another big issue with the first energy drinks was the taste. If you ever had one when they were first becoming popular, you probably remember how terrible they tasted. This led to companies loading the drinks with sugar and chemicals to mask the bad taste. The alarming amount of sugar and chemicals in drinks has led to soaring obesity levels and health problems including diabetes. Energy drinks are the nightmare of the health conscious society.

Smart Pills

Brain Pills are a more modern phenomena, but the quest for a “smart pill” or cognitive enhancement in the form of brain pills or smart drugs have been going on for a long while. The rise in the use of nootropics has gained considerable attention ever since a link was established between food sources and increased cognitive activity. It could even be argued that the first nootropic was coffee or a plant like the common blueberry. Many nootropics are derivatives of a plant. As nootropic use evolved, so did the nootropics themselves. A few of the more established nootropics like ginkgo Biloba started getting some solid science and backing from research. While ginkgo Biloba had long been championed by the neuroscientific community, studies that showed positive correlations between their use and brain function got them even bigger attention from the outside world. This led to new phrases like “smart drug”, “brain pill” or "smart pill”. Brain pills and smart pills soon became the common names for nootropics and nootropic stacks. In the last 5 years, the growth of interest in nootropics has been spectacular. Professionals, students, researchers and scientists pushed the envelope for the use of the pills to assist in various forms of brain function and performance.

Combining Energy and Brain Supplements

The most progressive brain pills, like addieUP, realized that there was a need to have both stimulants (which are essential in energy pills) and nootropics to create the ultimate focus pill. After all, it is extremely difficult to focus if you are fatigued. And what is the use of having more energy if you aren't able to focus? AddieUP was among the first to combine stimulants and carefully chosen nootropics to give its users focus, attention support, memory enhancement and, of course, energy. To try some addieUP today, click here.