Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Battle for Nootropic Freedom

The Battle for Nootropic Freedom

The battle for our freedom to enhance our intelligence has been underway for a long time. Nootropics are merely the latest name for this process. There is an innate political struggle involved, because if we get too smart, we will be hard to govern and motivate in directions that are not for our benefit.
As always, movements tend to be divided between those who are involved purely for the democratic, freedom-enhancing principle -- and those who are in it for the money and power that is obtainable. This second group are the ones we need to be able to recognize because they are skilled in hiding their true agenda. Even so, to the trained intuition, their motives are plainly apparent.

I have been wondering for some time why the sale of smart drugs or nootropic were being permitted, where some other avenues of consciousness expansion were being suppressed.

The reason for this is that the "Powers That Be" see some easy money to be made, while helping to improve the alertness and productivity of their work force.

As long as no-one is empowered to think too much about how little freedom they have in their cubicle, drugs that will let the worker bees labor longer and with more single-mindedness are encouraged (as long as the Pharmaceutical Industry is making money from them) while the usual legality issues are overlooked.

Some classes of brain vitamins and stimulants will be favored by the FDA, while others that let us think too freely must be taken off the open market and demonized as "dangerous" (DMAA, for instance).

The term "dangerous" accurately describes both the threat to the hierarchical organization of society as well as the physical danger to the health of those who abuse these substances. Fools will always find ways to hurt themselves, while more disciplined souls find it possible to use the same substances beneficially.
The "Powers That Be" say they want you to think out of the box, but not so far out that you leave your cubicle and start your own competing enterprise, recruiting other individuals along the way.

Having said all this, if you find yourself compelled to be a worker bee for the present while you plan your escape, nootropics can be very useful for helping you do better work so you can accumulate the resources you need to make a run for the fences.

Choose your brain vitamins wisely so as not to damage your faculties over the long run. Cultivate your health with natural foods, a complete supplement regimen of the highest quality, and regular cardiovascular exercise, so your body has the capacity to sustain high levels of energy and concentration. Quality sleep is important, as are mental disciplines like meditation.

A little study of the long tradition of the use of nootropics is useful for getting the most benefit out of the keys to your limitless mental potency. Successful use of smart drugs requires spiritual, mental, and physical preparation. It is not simply a matter of selecting and consuming one or more pills."

Paul Kemp