Friday, June 27, 2014

World Cup AddieUP

World Cup   AddieUP

The world cup has been reported as the most covered social media event to date. Also the most watched event in the entire world, eclipsing the Olympics. How does AddieUP focus and energy supplement tie into the world cup?

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The world cup is being held in Brazil, with a quarter final game and both final games being held in Rio de Janiero. The marvelous city ,as it is called, was where the founder of AddieUP first discovered two of the key ingredients to making AddieUP remarkable formula, guarana and yerba mate. Yerba mate is consumed on the beach and citywide in Rio, and is known for its amazing health and energy benefits. Coined the "green gold of the indigos" by europeans centuries ago, this incredible plant is consumed both as a tea and in supplement forms. AddieUP uses a very potent extract in its formula to capture the essence of this powerful, anti-oxidant packed plant.  With 24 vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, the Pasteur Institute in France noted that they could not find a healthier plant on earth then Yerba Mate.

Guarana has also used by the Brazilian people for its energy, mental and physical stamina properties, and focus elements. This miraculous plant has been used by centuries by the Amazonion Indians, and later by Brazilians. Guarana is the most popular soft drink in Brazil today. You will find millions of Brazilians using this popular natural stimulant all across Brazil. Undoubtably the soccer stadiums are selling Guarana beverages to thousands of thirsty customers who cheer on Brazil and by foreign participants in World Cup events.

AddieUP  focus and energy supplements are also being used by fans of the world cup. Both yerba mate and guarana are key components to AddieUP popular and potent formula. The team at AddieUP is following the world cup with keen interest, with a special passion for the Brazilian culture and people, who embrace soccer with the same passion as the makers of the now legendary AddieUP focus, energy, and memory formula.