Saturday, July 5, 2014

AddieUP Gamer’s dream Supplement for ESPORTS

AddieUP Gamer’s dream  Supplement for ESPORTS.

ESPORTS are huge right now. At the most recent event in Anaheim,  Major League Gaming (MLG) reported that more than 4.7 million unique viewers tuned in to the Pro Circuit Spring Championship online, and another 20,000 fans attended the event in person.

The group nearly doubled its all-time peak concurrent online viewership, hitting 437,000 streams and besting the 241,000 concurrent viewer peak of the 2011 national championship event. In all, more than 5.4 million hours of MLG video was streamed over the weekend.
 For someone who loves gaming, the lure of competing against great players, earning prize money, and the personal satisfaction of being rewarded for your efforts is compelling. There are also a bunch of spectators who love to watch the action. 

In addition to an incredibly competitive environment, gamers face other challenges and distractions. Many chase the dream by working and gaming around the clock. Fatigue can 
kill a win. 

Gamers need incredible focus, split second reaction time, unnerved concentration, and boundless energy without feeling nervous or jittery. 
AddieUP 4.0 focus energy and memory supplement has gotten amazing response from gamers. 
AddieUP delivers what gamer’s are looking for, with no sugar or added ingredients that take away from the formula’s goal of providing the focus, endurance, and concentration. AddieUP WORKS, there is nothing like it on the market today which has addieUP’s power and potency. 

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