Tuesday, March 10, 2015

All-In-One Brain Enhancer

Most everyone in the nootropic community has heard of AddieUp, as well as many people who aren't even familiar with nootropics. This is due in part to some good marketing and advertising on AddieUp's part. Another reason for the enormous presence of AddieUp is the massive following they have attracted on social media platforms. AddieUp representatives have also been known to tour some universities and college campuses.

AddieUp's following comes from both students and the working class, and has become the "go-to" supplement for those wanting to enhance their mental performance.

All In One

Most brain enhancers don't offer as broad of a spectrum of benefits as AddieUp does. If you look at the AddieUp website, you'll see that it supports mental clarity, energy, memory support, powerful antioxidants, focus, vitamins & minerals, and that it doesn't require a prescription. Weight loss isn't something really advertised on the site, but it does get mentioned in the FAQs section. It basically says that AddieUp has ingredients that can have appetite suppressant effects, and that some people have had success in losing weight while taking AddieUp.

The Conclusion

To sum things up, AddieUp has its pro's and con's.

The pro's include:
  • Large customer base
  • Large social media following
  • Lots of coupons/discounts available on social media
  • All-in-one brain enhancer
  • It actually works well according to reviews
Some con's are:
  • Has some caffeine for energy, but it is good quality and other ingredients prevent a "crash" in energy afterwards.
  • The effects of an appetite suppressant may not be for everyone, however current customers have not made any complaints as of now.

All in all, AddieUp is becoming well known for its brain enhancing abilities. It has a nootropic stack worthy enough to make it an effective brain supplement. The energy boost is a great side effect too for those who feel tired and unfocused during the day. For a limited time, get 25% off of an order of addieup on their website https://addieup.com/ by entering the promo code "focus25" at checkout.