Monday, February 16, 2015

Energy Supplement and Nootropic Stack Combined Into One Pill

Energy supplements have been around for a long time. They are popular among gamers, students, pilots and professionals.

Early Energy Supplements 


Energy supplements started out in pill form. Caffeine pills were very popular, but as we know they had some unwanted side effects. These types of pills do make you feel more awake, but then you susceptible to a "crash." They also can give you the jitters. 

Evolution of Energy Supplements 

As energy supplements became more popular, the use of energy pills began to switch to energy drinks. The problem with energy drinks is that many people build up a tolerance and have to consume several energy drinks per day to keep them going. The other problem is the taste. When energy drinks first came out, most of them tasted horrible. That led to energy drink companies adding tons of sugar and chemicals into the drinks to mask the flavor. This has led to problems with obesity and diabetes for many people. 

The Future of Energy Supplements

The solution to all these problems and the future of energy supplements is here. AddieUP combines ingredients that give you energy, focus, and memory support! This combination of energy supplements with a nootropic stack has led to a fantastic energy supplement. AddieUP will keep you alert and energetic for about 6 hours, but without the crash afterwards. It also gives you focus (great for gaming) and memory support (great for studying). AddieUP is truly the future of energy supplements.