Monday, August 18, 2014

AddieUP Gamer's Choice Energy and Focus Formula

Todays competitive exports environment has gamers looking well beyond energy drinks and shots for focus and endurance. With thousands, even millions of dollars at stake, gamers need every edge they can get. Gamers have long been big fans of addieUP. Why? AddieUP has both stimulants for long lasting, sustained energy,and nootropics to assist in cognitive function. 

Competitive Gaming Demands Focus


Competitive gaming demands focus. Some tournaments require long periods of sustained energy and focus as well as demanding memory and recall. AddieUP is an ideal supplement for gamers needing an edge over opponents. At a recent LAN, a gamer was noticeably upset after a narrow loss and lamented that he was simply too tired to be at his best. Reaction time is really important to gamers, and any loss of speed,eye hand cordination, or generally feeling fatigued can be the difference between winning and losing. 

Competitive Gaming Requires Memory and Cognitive Function

Memory and cognitive function are also important to gamers. Remembering what a certain opponent has done in the past, anticipating the move of an opponent, and general recall are vital to the professional gamer. The nootropics in addieUP were chosen carefully, with the right amounts of ginkgo biloba, choline, and other components included in addieUP. These components were included in AddieUP’s formula to assist the user in optimum brain function. Gamers need to be firing on all cylinders to win consistently. 

Competitive Gaming Requires Mental Stamina and Endurance

Gaming also requires mental stamina and endurance, and the stimulants in addieUP act synergistically to provide gamers with different energy sources that release into the body at different times. Guarana and yerba mate, two of the energy components that are included in addieUP, have been used for hundreds of years by the indigenous native indians in the Brazilian rainforest to provide powerful energy and focus. The different stimulants in addieUP were included to provide sustained, long lasting energy. Expect hours of sharp focus, alertness, and powerful energy without the jitters or crash associated with energy drinks or shots. 

Beat the Jitters

Gamers cannot have the nervous or jittery feeling that so many report with sugary energy drinks and even coffee. The nootropics and stimulants that are included in addieUP’s formula were chosen to give clean, enduring energy without the jitters and crash. See why addieUP is the gamers choice for focus, energy, and a brain firing on all cylinders.