Thursday, September 4, 2014

Uses and Benefits of AddieUP

AddieUP’s focus, energy, and memory formula has always been on the cutting edge. We were the first supplement to combine natural based stimulants with nootropics in just the right quantities. 

Who Uses AddieUP?

Our formula is used by students, professionals, and those seeking the ultimate in cognitive performance. 

What is in AddieUP?

Our capsules are packed with potent, high quality ingredients that are combined to deliver the most effective focus supplement on the market today. Our customers love addieUP because, simply, it WORKS. While many other nootropic supplements try unproven mixes of weaker unknown nootropics, addieUP uses high powered potent ingredients in its formula. Yerba mate and guarana are two of many stimulants that create a long lasting effect. 

What Does AddieUP Do?

Focus, memory, attention support, and of course, boundless energy are the hallmarks of addieUP’s legendary formula. The ingredients in addieUP are carefully chosen to provide effect over time as our customers demand the best. If you need focus, addieUP is the formula for you!