Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Reaction time and the Focused Gamer

Reaction time is the time between when when a stimulus is presented and the response to that stimulus. For gamers, reaction time is a crucial element to most games and can be the difference between virtual life and death. 

Focus is Essential for Competitive Gaming

At one recent LAN a gamer was commenting on how his fatigue caused him to lose a very important (to him and his team mates) game. Staying focused over the course of a tournament is also vital to the success of gamers. For the professional gamer, the mental endurance needed to get through a grueling tournament is essential. AddieUP’s focus and energy formula has always been the go-to supplement that gamer’s turn to. Gameplay has many components, and focus, energy, and lighting fast reaction time are on any serious gamer’s list of importance. You simply cannot be at your best when you are tired and fatigued, or you are not “in the zone”. Losing your focus can cost you. 

AddieUP Gives CLEAN Energy and Memory Support

One of the chief complaints about energy drinks and coffee is the jittery feeling associated with these drinks. AddieUP contains stimulants that provide amazing energy without the normal jitters and nervousness associated with cheap caffeine. Too much caffeine in the supplement or drink can cause a gamer to make costly mistakes. 

AddieUP provides a clean, sustained energy that gamers need over the jittery feeling associated with sugary energy drinks and shots. The nootropics contained in addieUP also can assist the gamer in enhanced cognitive performance. Gamers need optimal memory and cognitive performance, especially when the opponent is well known and their next move is in part associated with what they have done in the past. Remembering what you opponent has done in the past, and anticipating their next move is often very important to winning.

AddieUP uses only the highest quality ingredients to provide the ultimate focus, energy and memory assistance needed to compete and win. The formula contains no sugar and comes in easy to swallow capsules.