Thursday, October 9, 2014

AddieUP 4.0 Hits the Bulls-Eye!

AddieUP 4.0 is something Americans, in particular, have been needing for years. We need to become smarter and quicker in our thinking, so we can keep up with our electronic machines, our high-speed highways, and our need to advance in our business or profession. As it is, many of us are playing "catch-up" continually -- and falling further and further behind.

Having a fully energized mind and body make all the little and big problems --- "No problem!"

AddieUP 4.0

Many of us have a hard time getting fully awake, while others have a hard time falling asleep. AddieUP gets me fully awake, gets me through a hard day of work in a cheerful mood, and lets me sleep soundly when the day is done. What more can you ask?

Obviously, no one can put everything we need for good brain nutrition into one pill, but AddieUP 4.0 gives us the spark needed to turn on our afterburners so we get all our brain cells working in ways they have never worked before -- Together, Focused, and Attentive to all the clues our senses provide us.

All the necessary components are included in the new and improved AddieUP, with none of the superfluous ones. No laundry list of 17 unpronounceable ingredients here! Just the goods.

AddieUP 4.0 helps us get the job done, while letting us get a good night's sleep and eat normal -- if smaller -- meals.

I've done a few all-nighters -- and I have inevitably paid for them. Been there, done that, got the Grateful Dead T-shirt to prove it. Spending the next two days recovering from an all-nighter is very inconvenient when there are things you need to get done -- and done right.

I don't buy that "Limitless" BS. That's just a movie. In real life, I do my best when I get a solid 7 hours of sleep a night.

Energy, Focus, and Memory

AddieUP also leaves out the sweating and teeth gnashing I've heard that Adderall produces. Fans of robotic perfectionism will possibly miss this trait, too, but, so be it. My goal is to simply be an alert, healthy human.

Alertness drugs that allow one to become a millionaire at 25 and dead at 30 don't interest me. Any smart pill needs to be conducive to good health, or I don't want it.

I don't have time to take a handful of ingredients to make a stack that wakes me up while I'm waiting for my tea to steep, either. AddieUP gives me everything I need for high performance in one or two pills that can last all day.

Older brains (like mine) need stimulation, too. AddieUP helps me to do the best mental work of my life. 

Coffee can't get me where I want to go intellectually, anymore. Its imperfections outweigh its advantages. AddieUP, on the other hand, wakes me up and sharpens my memory, without the nerves, anxiety, and impatience that coffee would give me.

The quality of my thoughts and my work have improved significantly since I started taking AddieUP about two years ago.

I am a writer. The quantity of my income and my value in the marketplace depend on the quality of my thoughts and my access to all that I have learned -- both words and experiences -- in the course of a long life.

While many of my contemporaries are slowing down, mentally and physically, thanks to AddieUP I stay on top of my game.

AddieUP enables me to access, sort, and process memories of the events of my life, revisiting them with a new sense of dispassion -- open to the lessons they have to teach. This is critically important for any writer or other "knowledge professional".

Always Moving Forward

This is the bottom line for any supplement, smart drug, nootropic: Does it help you to make progress toward your career and personal goals in measurable ways by improving the quality of your thinking?

AddieUP 4.0 can boost your job or your business performance tremendously when you learn how to put it to work.

AddieUP is the "combination of ingredients formula" I bet you have been searching for. There is nothing like it -- at any price.

Give AddieUP a try. See what you're capable of achieving.